Project Facts - Academic Partner - JKU

All partners of the project consortium have a long-running experience in research and system development with regard to the areas targeted by crowdSA, covering situation awareness, information extraction and integration, semantic technologies, social media, and crisis management. In the following, this existing expertise is presented on a per-partner basis.

Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz

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Department of Cooperative Information Systems Institute for Application Oriented Knowledge Processing The Department of Cooperative Information Systems (CIS) and the Institute for Application-Oriented Knowledge Processing (FAW) at JKU Linz have – since more than two decades – a strong background wrt. the above mentioned topics. Concerning relevant previous work of CIS, of special interest to the project are especially a series of three FIT-IT Semantic Systems projects and a FFG "Basisprogramm" project situated in different domains: "TheHiddenU" ("A Social Nexus for Privacy-Assured Personalization Brokerage") focuses on the integration of scattered social media content for providing personalized services, without, however, considering unstructured content. Next, "BeAware!" ("Situation-Awareness for Large-Scale Control Systems") and its successor project "CSI" ("Collaborative Situation Awareness") target the development of a generic ontology-driven situation awareness framework, applied to the domain of (partly intermodal, urban) road traffic management. "ProFlow" ("Situation Aware Workflow Management") enhances workflow management systems with situation awareness features. Regarding the second academic partner, FAW applied and enhanced its expertise especially in the area of information extraction (IE) in the recent FFG BRIDGE project "HybridIE", aiming at the combination of knowledge engineering and machine learning (ML) approaches for processing of unstructured content, and in a number of eRecruitment and eCommerce related IE projects supported by FFG "Basisprogramm" resp. FFG COIN ("JobOlize", "Marlies", "OntoJob"). None of these projects, however, considers crowdsources as targeted by crowdSA.